Nkhanga Library Activities Report for April 2016


Agnes Manda*

Library Assistant

*Agnes Manda was contracted for a week in April 2016 from Luanshya Public library on the Copperbelt of Zambia to assess the progress and needs of Nkhanga Library in Lundazi in the Eastern Province. We thank her for her sacrifice and selfless dedication.

*The Buckley Fund of Community  Foundation Sonoma County awarded a grant of $5,000 to the Nkhanga Library. The purpose of this grant is to support the Nkhanga Village Library in honor of Greg and Sara Shorin of Lake Tahoe in California.


Zambia Knowledge Bank Nkhanga Library has introduced a nursery or kindergarten school that is being run by three volunteer teachers. Children that are enrolled at Zambia Knowledge Bank Nkhanga Library come from different villages from Nkhanga while some come from within Nkhanga.

Nkhanga Library Nursery or Kindergarten Students with their teacher

Nkhanga Library Nursery or Kindergarten Students with their teacher

  • The school was officially opened in 2014 and has been operating well.
  • The total number of pupils is 52 of which 34 are girls and 18 are boys.
  • Pupils are really responding well and ready to learn; though some few parents are resistant to bring their children.
  • Just after the school was opened a lot of children were enrolled but when they were told to be contributing a K30 or $3.00, some parents withdrew their children. Out of 52 children only 3 have managed to pay for school fees.
  • This school is operating under good conditions when it comes to hygiene it is excellent. Teachers are doing their best to help these children and teachers have really been highly praised or commended for their good work because those nursery or kindergarten students who have graduated and enrolled for grade one at different schools are doing well in class. They are able to read and write.


  • The nursery or kindergarten school is operating without proper furniture that can fit the children. Hence there is need to buy chairs and tables for the school.

    Sometimes Nkhanga Library Community meetings are held behind the Library

    Chairs, desks, and tables are needed for the Nkhanga library. Sometimes Nkhanga Library Community meetings are held behind the Library.

  • The nursery is operating without teaching materials and teaching aids.
  • There is need for teachers to attend a small workshop so that they can acquire knowledge on how they can plan their work and write their lesson plan because at the moment they just teach without planning and with no scheme of work.
  • There is also need to buy more books for the children or solicit (ask for donations) so that they are well equipped with information and knowledge, as you know foundation is important.
  • Children are taught in one large class and teaching is a challenge for the teachers, because these children are supposed to be divided into three classes; that is baby class, reception class, and foundation class but there are no classes hence a classroom block will be ideal. These children make so much noise and if they can be far from the library it can be ideal.
  • They will be needing to buy a vehicle to help with movement, travel and ease of work.
  • There is need to have income generating activities such as a vegetable garden and poultry. A borehole is in full operation and watering may not be an issue but what will be needed is just a starter.

    Ms. Phelire Zimba Nkhanga Library Vice Director in her Office.

    Ms. Phelire Zimba Nkhanga Library Vice Director in her Office.

  • For a poultry growing project, what will be needed is building feeders and drinkers.
  • There is need to introduce a school uniforms for identity of the students in case anything happens to the children it will be easy to identify them.
  • Education tours to the nearby town of Lundazi or even the Game Park in Mfuwe along the Luangwa River may also help to expose the children.
  • Adult literacy education is underway to be introduced so as to help the community with knowledge and to increase literacy levels.

Nkhanga Library Staffing

  1. Office Man Robert Phire
  2. Sweeper Rosemary Zimba
  3. Teacher Brandena Nyirenda
  4. Teacher Martha Zimba
  5. Teacher Mangaliso Mvula
  6. Library attendant             Phelire Zimba
  7. Director Vincent Tembo