Keep the Library Open!

Keeping the Nkhanga Village Library Open – Just $7,300.00 per year or $20.00 per day to keep the Nkhanga Village library open. read more

Volunteers Train for Library

Volunteers interested in helping staff the Nkhanga Village Library attended training sessions. It is difficult, however, to keep the library open staffed only with volunteers. read more

Books are Delivered – December 2011

All the publicly donated total of 3,092 used books packed in 65 carton boxes were successfully delivered to the new Nkhanga Village Library in Lundazi in Eastern Zambia in Southern Africa on December 20, 2011. read more

Library Construction Report – May 2011

The construction of the Nkhanga Village Library is very close to completion – May 2011 update. Half of all the glass window panes have been installed in the building; the books have been transferred from the long term storage building where they had been kept since August 2007. read more

Construction Update – May 2009

The US Dollar is strong and the Zambian Kwacha currency has depreciated. One US dollar is now equivalent to 5,680.00 Zambian Kwacha. This means materials and labor will be cheaper. This is the best time to complete the roofing, inside wall plaster, painting, and installing window panes. Plans are underway to obtain shelves and tables. read more