Delivery of Bricks – May 2007

The Nkhanga Village Library


Work with bricks, May 2007

Work with bricks, May 2007

All the money has been supplied by ZANOBA International.

The foot concrete was done requiring:

  • The digging of the foundation was done at the cost of K300,000.00 ($75.94)
  • Smooth clearing was done at the cost of K150,000.00 ($37.97)
  • The clearing of the grass and big trees from the site where the library will be constructed was done at the cost of K270,000.00 – ($68.35)
  • 20 bags of cement x K55,000 = K1,100,000.00 and hired light truck for transport at K330,000 from the Boma up to Nkhanga ($362.02).
  • Brick force wire 3 rolls 9inch = K60,000.00 ($15.18)
  • Using Ox Carts for hauling

    Using Ox Carts for hauling

    River sand 100 wheel bars – used 10 Oxcarts at 10,000 each comes to K100,000.00 paid cash but balance remains. ($25.31)

  • Crushed stones for 12 tones used 10 tons also 110 wheel bars at K400,000.00 and transportation K180,000.00 per trip. For 2 trips this came to K360,000.00 for two trips. Hired light truck for transport.($91.13)




  • Foundation Box Requirements
    Brick are delivered

    Brick are delivered

    Dambo building sand 20 tons is ready and in usage as well as K360,000 for transport for the two trips. In addition 8 tones by Oxcart at K100,000.00. ($116.45)
    20 Bags of Cement has been bought at K55,000.00 each for a total of K1,100,000.00. ($278.48)
    5 rolls of Brick Force wire at K20,000.00 each coming up to K100,000.00.($25.31)
    20 more bags of cement is needed right now as well as 10 brick force wire.

  • Other Equipment:
    2 shovels at K45,000.00 each for a total of K90,000.00 ($22.78)
    Building level for K65,000.00 ($16.45)
    Building string for K25,000.00 ($6.32)
    Building Knife for K40,000.00 ($10.12)
    Cost of Mealie-Meal and Food estimate K150,000.00 ($37.97)


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