Library Construction Report – May 2011

The Nkhanga Village Library Construction Report
 May 2011

The construction of the Nkhanga Village Library is very close to completion. The project is a brain child of the Zambia Knowledge Bank Libraries. Mr. Stanley Manzi, who is a Technical Assistant at the Nthandizani Internet Café in the nearby small town of Lundazi, kindly, traveled 30 miles by motor cycle to the library project site on April 27, 2011. He met the construction committee leaders and took some digital photos that show the progress.  Mr. Manzi reports that the finishing touches to the roof are completed; the 9 doors that the local carpenters had made from scratch have now been all fitted. Half of all the glass window panes have been installed in the building; the books have been transferred from the long term storage building where they had been kept since August 2007. They have now been brought to the library premises in readiness for cataloging. The smoothening cement flooring of the entire 3100 Sq. Ft. building is complete. During the rainy season which has just ended, weeds and tall shrubs grow around the building. These weeds have all been cleared. What are now needed  urgently  are book shelves,  200 chairs, twenty tables, a Librarian to help cataloging the books and to train local Volunteer Librarians who will run the library once it opens to the public soon. Donations are welcome to complete this very worthy cause.