Ms. Phelire  Zimba

Vice Director

Compiled by

Banda Robert

Executive Secretary

ACHIEVEMENTS The Bank has achieved the following: Apart from the existing programs i.e. Nursery School, Production Unit and Public Service; Adult literacy class is now in function. Enrollment of learners is progressing well. So far the class has a total of 16 of which 6 are male and 10 are female. We have in place Centre Committee which comprises of Nkhanga Primary School Teachers and the community leaders.

Sometimes Nkhanga Library Community meetings are held behind the Library

Sometimes Nkhanga Library Community meetings are held behind the Library

The following is the committee for Adult literacy class:

  1. Deputy Head – Mr. Moses Mwale/Community leader – Mr. Davison Zimba
  2. Coordinator – Mr. M. J. Sakala/Senior Teacher.
  3. Adult Literacy Instructors – Mr. Penious Banda (Teacher) Mr. Joanes Chakwila (Teacher), Mr. Amosi Banda (Committee member) and Miss Phelire Zimba (Zanoba)
  4. Accounts Assistant – Mr. Robert Banda, Treasurer – Miss Phelire Zimba

ORIENTATION The Deputy Head Mr. Moses Mwale and Mr. J. J. Sakala the Senior Teacher facilitated the Guidelines for Adult Literacy classes in line with the Ministry of Education. On Specific guideline they informed the Library the classes will be conducted at an agreed and convenient time by the learners.

Community Member Reading in the Library

Community Member Reading in the Library

SUMMARY The Nkhanga Library Executive Committee with the support from the Ministry of Education indicates that purposes of the library shall be achieved.

Reported by


Ms. Phelire Zimba, Vice Director

Written by Banda Robert, Executive Secretary